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The furniture industry in Turkey

The furniture industry in Turkey has been one of the most important industries that have distinguished it over time, in terms of its ability to keep pace with modern designs with high durability and at the best prices. Turkey came in third place internationally in terms of the volume of furniture production, its quality, and distinctive designs, and it was distributed Factories producing furniture in many Turkish provinces, and whole cities have been established especially for the production of

furniture of various types, designs and prices. Turkish furnishings come after Italian furnishings in terms of designs and luxury and are competition for them, as furnishings in Turkey are significantly less expensive than Italian furnishings, so many people buy Turkish furniture inspired by Italian furniture designs and processions for the latest models and developments in the world of furnishings to be Its implementation in Turkey and within Turkish factories. we at VINEMINENT ready to provide

assistance in coordination with furniture manufacturing companies, facilitate communication with them, and coordinate orders and receipts from these companies.

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